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Reach More Customers

Maximize your exposure with online menus, calendars, event scheduling, employment applications, contact forms and more. The more people know about your business BEFORE they choose it, the more likely they are to choose it.

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Your Website Will Stand Out!

Most customers choose one of the first five businesses they look at, either in a phone book or online. Your business should be one of the first they see. With proper SEO and SEM, it will be. With my design, it will be the one they remember!

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Do More with Less Work

Correspondence, Feedback, Applications & Contracts, Event notifications, Mailing Lists, Social Media Interaction. All of these can be done with a website saving you time in the office. MM Online Web Designs can build all of this and more for your site, allowing you to concentrate on running your business, while the site brings you more business.

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Why Choose Me?

Website design isn't rocket science, but it is does take someone who knows what they're doing. It also takes a creative touch to give your site a good visual appeal and incorporate your business logo and colors.


Just because a website looks nice doesn't mean it "works" correctly. If the code is out of date or improperly written, it can be like having no site at all. I write only valid code for every site I build to maximize visibility to search engines.

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